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CCRT Teachers' Awards

The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) has also instituted CCRT Teachers’ Award, since 1985, which is given every year to selected teachers in recognition of the outstanding work done by them in the field of education and culture. The Award carries with it a citation, a plaque, an angavastram and an amount of Rs. 25,000 (recently enhanced). 356 teachers from all parts of the country have been presented the award so far.

The awards right from its inception assumed a national character. A long, arduous but methodical procedure is adopted to gather, sift and analyse reports received from trained teachers of CCRT’s two flagship programmes namely “Orientation Courses” and ‘Workshop on Role of Puppetry for Education’. Consultations, commendations and opinions are sought not only from educational administrators, Heads of Schools but also from a wide ranging community of creative and thinking persons to arrive at a list of possible names. The criteria applied are free from idolising and refer to excellence, innovations, possibility and promise. While in a vast country like India, it is always difficult to be certain that every possible effort has been brought within the zone of consideration, care is taken to be as inclusive as possible. It has been difficult but happily possible to cover far flung regions like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur and the South. The selected awardees represent to the country a glimpse of scholastic, dedicated teaching coummunity creating, exploring and forging ahead in new direction. The award helps focus attention of some of the dedicated teachers amongst the trained ones. They are our expression of trust and hope for creating the joy of learning in classrooms in contemporary India. Unlike other awards, where the post award life is invariably lean and weak, the CCRT Teachers' Awards have shown that the awards have lent a fillip to their creative urges and daring.

Since CCRT not only enhancing the selection criteria, reviewed rigorously the whole process of selection of teachers and improved upon other logistics, has revived the selection and presentation of CCRT Teachers' Award

Teachers' Award Year Wise


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