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Regional Centres

CCRT Regional Centres
Hyderabad, Udaipur, Guwahati and Damoh


The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) is one of the premier institutions in the country working in the field of Linking Education with Culture. The CCRT has been entrusted with the task of Propagation of Culture among College and School students and teachers and Interlinking Culture with Education. The CCRT uses various means in creating an understanding and awareness among students about the plurality of the regional cultures of India and integrating the knowledge with education.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resource Development had reviewed the work of CCRT in 1994 and had recommended that the activities of CCRT should be spread at grassroot level by opening Regional Centres in different parts of the country. The Planning Commission had accorded its approval for setting up of three Regional Centres. Two Regional Centres at Udaipur & Hyderabad had already become functional after the approval accorded by the Standing Finance Committee on Human Resource Development. The Standing Finance Committee had then also recommended to open a Regional Centre in the North-East, which the CCRT has brought into function at Guwahati from the year 2008 with a skelton staff.


Regional Centre, Hyderabad

The Regional Centres have been established with the following objectives:

 ● provide mobile libraries and resource units to visit tribal, rural and semi-urban schools;

 ● provide cultural education to school students/youth/teachers/teacher educators throughout
    the county;

 ● collect cultural resources in the form of audio-visuals, written texts, recordings, etc

 ● produce materials on cultural education for use in schools and for community projects;

 ● provide assistance to other related institutions in the area of literacy campaigns women’s
    education, physically disadvantaged and foreconomically and physically deprived;

 ● encourage and help craft persons, traditional performing artists and other creative people by
    providing training facilities and scholarships


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